Trade Help -- Would You Make Either?

Mike Williams for Royce Freeman

Mike Williams for Latavius Murray

both straight-up, for now anyway

Full PPR, thanks in advance as always.

I would take Royce Freeman. He has been solid all year and good to have through bye weeks to plug in. I think Mike Williams is replaceable through the waiver wire

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Thanks, I’m not seeing anything there – Snell, Bisi Johnson, Pascal maybe. Probably better to make the trade but I might consider just dropping him outright if it doesn’t go.

Also, true, Freeman does make more sense in general – Murray’s value will go down once Kamara is healthy. Freeman will be in a 50/50 ROS.

Something else I’m not considering maybe that would tilt towards Murray?

Dynasty or redraft? Starting lineup requirements?

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dont see much to tilt towards Murray. He was irrelevant when Kamara was healthy.

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2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 FLEX

I prefer Williams over Freeman or Murray unless you NEED an RB this week.

Williams tops the Josh Hermsmeyer Buy-Low model this week. If you’re not familiar, “The Buy-Low model uses target share and air yards to estimate a player’s expected production in the passing game, then highlights the players that under-performed relative to expectation”. I would be trying to Flex him this week. Don’t force it if you have better options.

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I could use some RB depth but it doesn’t have to be an RB – I’m tied for 1st and in a tight matchup, and Williams has underperformed all season but might be taken by someone who could use the depth at WR. I had a look at the other rosters for players expected to do well this week that the other teams have on their bench, and I zeroed in on Freeman and Murray. There’s not much on the waiver wire other than maybe the guys I mentioned above.

My current RBs are Cook, Carson, Gore, Penny and Mattison; my WRs are Julio, Godwin, McLaurin, C. Samuel and Williams. As of right now I’m starting Herndon at FLEX.