Trade help! WR NEEDED

Im trying to move devonta Freeman for davante Adam’s but if the guy will go for it. If he does is that a fair trade in full PPR. My other RBs are Mixon, cook, Gurley, michel and lynch. Also what do you guys think about will fuller for Freeman? I need help at WR if you cant tell haha

I think you should absolutely take it if you can get Adams for Freeman. You don’t need Freeman at all. Fuller for Freeman is getting less than full value but if you are desperate for WR it may be worth considering. Who do you have and who is available on waivers? There are some good names on waivers this week it seems for everyone (except my league…)

I’m targeting Boyd first then Ridley then Godwin. I’m fifth on waiver order. So we’ll see what happens. Some good names there hopefully nobody is thinking what I’m thinking

I think many people are thinking what you are thinking, so keep that in mind.

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I don’t see the trade happening but if it does… Good for you

Yeah will fuller I think is more realistic

If you want Adams, I’m making you add another player to the deal to consider taking on Freeman. He just misses games too often to count on consistently. You might be able to get Fuller but even that is no sure thing. If you’re high on Fuller the time is now, because another week or two with his production and your window to buy him might be gone.