**Trade help**

T.Y., Kerryon, and Lindsay for Ezekiel.
Is this a fair trade?

value-wise it’s fine but no one takes 3-for-1’s unless you’ve been ravaged by injury and need warm bodies to start. I never downgrade (especially) my RBs for combo-junk like this. TY is risky from a health standpoint, Kerrion is in a garbage offense with a brutal schedule and Lidsay is 1/3 of an RBBC with Royce coming back. This is combo-junk.

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I think Kerryon is going to get enough work, he has ARI and BUF weeks 14/15 too which is nice. He does have a couple rough matchups as well. I personally would never trade my top running back for anything, but some people do. I don’t think I would trade Zeke for those players.

I just traded for TY, got tired of J. Howard and T. Burton. I had Ebron anyway and good enough backs to replace Howard. My league was very low on Hilton, I’m very high on him ros. The Colts are still in the playoff hunt and Luck is on fire. Hilton has a nice schedule coming up. He plays JAX and HOU back to back. But HOU gave up 450+yds to Luck last time they played, just food for thought. Lindsay has a very juicy schedule weeks 13-16. I have Royce Freeman as well, and I would have no issues playing him in those weeks if I had to, Denver has been very kind to their backs this year.

Good luck.

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Yeah the person making the trade had Freeman, Lynch, Cupp, and Cobb. They’re starting Bibbs and Snead. They need players.