Trade Help,

Full ppr dynasty league.

Which side do you like more, please explain why.

Sammy Watkins, Laquon Treadwell


Jamison Crowder, Mike Williams, First round pick 2018

Keep in mind that rosters are smaller than most dynasty leagues, 20 roster spots.

Break it down like this, both Laquon Treadwell and Mike Williams are identical. They are both high potential, unknown prospects. So they cancel each other out.

So… Crowder and a 1st round pick for Sammy Watkins. A lot of that will come down to what you get from that 2018 1st, which (statistically speaking) is as likely to be nothing as it is to be something decent. Sammy Watkins is a true elite gamechanger that Crowder can never be. He carries risk, but the payoff is worth it and we’ve already seen it in the NFL. I would want Sammy for sure.

So give me Sammy and Treadwell.

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I agree regarding Treadwell and M Williams. They will almost definitely be cut once the bye weeks arrive, so they cancel each other out.

Elsewise, I agree with the premises that Jason presented, but I come to a different conclusion for two reasons:

  1. Even if statistics show us that dynasty league draft picks are often over valued, your league mates may not know that. It could be a trade asset.

  2. The fact that it’s a dynasty takes some of the glamour off of Watkins boom/bust nature for me. If he busts, he’s busted forever in your dynasty. Also, your rosters are quite small for a dynasty. Sammy and his foot could be burning a hole in your bench if that injury history becomes injury present. I’d be stoked to have Crowder, likely a reliable flex piece, for a long time.

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