Trade Help!?!

Full point PPR. Getting tons of offers for my K. Johnson, who I’m thinking I want to stash. Latest offers for him are D. Thomas and or L. Fitz. All advice is great. I do need some WR help and feeling torn. Here is my whole team

Yeah I’d do that all day. There’s a pretty solid chance that Johnson is stuck in a committee all year on a team that has never had much luck running the ball. The move doesn’t leave you with great rb depth, however you still have 3 very strong options, and either of those wrs is a serious overpayment for Johnson. I’d prefer Fitz, but I’d take either in a heartbeat, instantly upgrading your wr2.

I replied to the last one before these trades. Getting someone who will produce in your flex is very important since your major upside can be Royce Freeman when he becomes the starter. Having 4 great running backs around week 8 will not help you as much as having 3 great ones and a really good receiver addition