Trade Help?!?

Thinking about trading away Alex Collins for T.J Yeldon. Any thoughts?

YUP --enough said

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I think it depends personally. If you need somebody that you can count on to fill in throughout the season, but don’t need the big upside I would stick with Collins. If you have 2-3 solid backs without Collins, I would take the few weeks of big numbers from yeldon.

take the numbers…Alex Collins aint worth a damn in fantasy

My roster is.
Big Ben.
Melvin Gordon
Keenan Allen
Cooper Kupp
Flex - Collins

Larry fitz.

12 team 1/2 ppr
So I’m low at rb position but have feeling doubtful of Collins week to week.

The ravens are doubtful about Collins week to week also. Otherwise they, and other teams, would have paid him more than 725k.