Trade helppppp plz

PPR league, i have Julio and Kelce and just got offered Antonio Brown, Nelson Agholor, and Cameron Brate for those 2…My other wr are Maclin, Crowder, and Tyrell WIlliams. WOuld you guys do it.
We start 1qb, 2 wr, 2rb, TE, WR/RB flex

I would do this in a heart beat your massively upgrading your Wrs and Cameron Brate isnt a bad option for TE

Accept trade👇

That’s a tough one for me-I would say no cause Julios numbers are coming and Kelce is a beast-I would say does this make your team better considering bye weeks etc?

Im 5-3 right now so im pretty sure i will make the playoffs…my fear is Julio has an amazing playoff schedule. Id hate to trade him just for him to go off during the playoffs not to mention the downgrade of no Kelce. Agholor would be a nice help a WR as well though

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You’re getting the best WR in the game. Julio hasn’t touched browns numbers this year

Who are your RBs? It’s a fair trade, just considering the players involved. But I’d like to see your RBs to see if it makes your team better overall.

Go for it!

RB’s are doug martin, Lamar Miller, McFadden, Morris, Ty Montgomery, and Abdullah

Thanks for all of the replies to guys