Trade Henderson for AB? Standard scoring

Idk what to do? Help me lol

Unless Henderson is like your RB4 and AB would start for you, no.

@AxeElf i have mixon, Henderson, Chubb, Austin Ekeler, sermon. WR Brandon Aiyuk, d. Johnson, golladay Sutton. Buddy needs RB help bad so he offered ab for Henderson. What do you think

Red flag immediately that it’s your “buddy.” If you make the trade based on anything other than bettering your team, that’s collusion–so let’s not let the fact that it’s your “buddy” enter into it, k?

That said, you’re basically in the situation I described–Henderson is your 4th RB, and depending on how many WRs you have to start (and how good Golladay and Sutton turn out to be), AB could start for you, if opening night is any indication.

So I guess if you want to trust that Brady and Brown won’t crumble into dust at some point this season, it’s not a BAD trade…?