Trade Henry for Zeke?

I’m in a standard league (no ppr) which starts 2 rb, 2 wr, and a flex. I have Henry, Antonio Gibson, and Chris Carson. The Zeke owner offered me Zeke for Henry. Should I take it? I took Henry over Zeke in the draft but last week really drove home that If the Titans are ever losing Henry will be almost completely neutralized because he can’t catch and they need a pass catching rb in there.

I made a similar trade earlier today but I think the Henry draft capital should get you a little more. I traded away Henry & Claypool and received Zeke & Godwin. I would try to level up a receive as well.

Good call. I was considering that.

They’re basically equivalent. Henry has the best chance of being the overall #1 RB at the end of the season, and Zeke has the second-best chance–so pick your poison.