Trade high on Mike Williams?

So just got offered what I think might be pretty good trade. I can get Lockett and Hunt for Mike Williams and Henderson.
My team is:
Zeke, Mixon, Henderson, sermon, gainwell
Kupp, Williams, aj brown, AB, laviska, Patrick, rondelle moore
What do you guys think?

I would do that. I think Williams is finally the real deal though. But Hunt is a big upgrade over Henderson to me. I would also consider trying to trade Kupp for Tyreek if his owner is frustrated with his production so far. Same goes for Hopkins or Diggs. I’d be trying to capitalize on Kupp. I know he’s been great, but I’d rather have one of those other guys.

I just can’t decide here, I think hunt and Henderson are close so guess just comes to what wr you prefer? Do we really think mike can make it through year tho

I would stay with Williams. He is being targeted and those targets are in the red zone. Lockett has a tendency to disappear some weeks. Also, Hunt might not be that much of an upgrade from Henderson. The only way you do this is if you think Williams won’t stay healthy.

Exactly, also If Chubb goes down could be solid upgrade but feel if mike stays healthy will be little more consistent then Lockett right ?

Mike Williams does really seem to enjoy hurting himself on landings whenever he jumps…

Williams is like the WR2 right now–and you have the WR1 as well. I’m surprised you’re even considering it.

Just had him add claypool, I have to do it now right? Not sure if league will let pass through tho

I would smash accept now.

Off topic, but I hate leagues with trade voting. Consenting adults should just be allowed to trade at will, with no review period, and it’s the responsibility of the commish to sort things out if there’s clear collusion.

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Couldn’t agree more, that being said one of my leagues just removed vetoing after someone tried to trade Kittle and Jefferson for Hopkins