Trade Hill for Kerryon & Boyd?


.5 pt ppr 2 keepers

My current WRs: Hill, Thomas, Allen, Watkins, Kirk
Current RBs: Murray, Lewis, Cook, Adams, Hines

I reaaally need the RB help, but as of now I’d keep Hill and Thomas for next year.

Do you all think Kerryon will be “keeper worthy” for next season if I trade HIll? It’s a keeper league where at the draft, the kept players are removed in rounds 1 and 2, then the draft starts with round 3.

In general, I think a players’ status as a would-be keeper increases their value. At least to their owner. It does to me anyways, and I’m not sure right now whether Kerryon is going to have the same value as a 1st or 2nd round pick but Hill and Thomas will IMO.

What do you all think?


I just think you are giving up a WR1 for a RB2-3 and a WR2. Hill can win you a week by himself

This being a keeper league makes this tricky, in redraft i make this trade immediately in your situation. Hill is volatile given his ability to win or lose you a week on just a few plays but boyd has been a wr1 i believe in terms of points and kerryon is very promising. Its hard to determine whether kerryon is a keeper with just two games of getting a lot of touches so its risky but promising

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I first tried trading Keenan Allen for Johnson but unfortunately Allen’s stock is low right now. I think that’s a pretty good deal… I think Allen’s going to be great ROS due to him being a great player on a good offense, but the owner I’m trying to deal with doesn’t look at value that way. Same owner wouldn’t take Sammy Watkins for a ham sandwich 2 weeks ago, but just sent me 2 crappy trade offers for him. He also knows how much I like Johnson, so he might try to hold me over the coals to get him… not happening. I wouldn’t mind going into next year’s draft will HIll and Michael Thomas.

Thanks for the advice!