Trade hilton and a QB for Evans

trade matt ryan or deshawn watson and TY Hilton to the Evans owner for Evans and Roethlisberger

horrible trade!

May I ask what you think is horrible about it? If @tom.moller88 is able to turn Hilton into Evans and still have Ryan or Watson as QB that seems like a win for me. Watson would be the guy to trade here imo

I agree that getting Evans for Hilton is great especially after the Luck setback.
And hopefully Big Ben can turn it around enough to be a startable asset if Ryan isn’t performing… (watson is the guy to trade imo as well) @tom.moller88 Trade Approved

thanks! i got brown and allen as well. so i dont mind staying with what i got either just trying to upgrade at WR while only loosing a little qb depth

Even on the show, the Podcast team will comment in trying to trade away Watson. WHY??? Watson is a running machine, which is great for fantasy. And with their softer defense when they lost their two pass rushers, they won’t totally control the game defensively, and are more likely down or even. Which means that Watson will need to keep his team in it. His floor is so much higher than Ryan, and he put together a string of games that’s fantastic, he won me 3 in a row in my league.

Ryan is not mobile, and ATL doesn’t look as crisp this year as last.