Trade Hilton to the team I’m facing?

I have a dilemma on my hands… do I trade TY Hilton to the team I’m playing this week for Crabtree?

Standard scoring league. 12 teams
8 teams make the playoffs
I’m currently in 4th place but only have the 9th most points.

My record:
6-3. 829 points

Current 8th place (which happens to be the guy I’m going against this week):
4-5. 815 points

9th place:
4-5. 749 points

Do I have enough wiggle room to make the playoffs to risk handing my opponent the W by giving him Hilton this week?

Yahoo has me favored by 8 points right now. His WR’s that he’s starting this week are Cupp, Stills and Cobb. I would have to plug in Allan Hurns as my WR3 if I trade Hilton.

Open to any and all advice.

Thanks Foot Clan

Hilton for crabtree long term…absolutely.

But predicting Hilton’s blow up games is impossible. He could start Hilton and watch him put up 5. I probably would say he will score in the 7-14 range. The steelers are good, colts are bad. Then again, he could completely go ham and put up 25.

The risk in acquiring crabtree long run might be worth it though. Hilton has an impossible playoff schedule, and this COULD be the best or last time you could trade Hilton.

I have to agree with you. I think the value that Crabtree would give me over Hilton, rest of season, is substantial enough to risk taking the L this week. It will be tough to watch Hilton scoring against me for a week but it really doesn’t get much better than Crabtree’s schedule the rest of the way out. Heck, Hilton has a great chance to throw up a dud this week like he’s done for the majority of his games this season.