Trade? Hogan for Burkhead and a 3rd

.5 ppr Dynasty

It seems pretty even, he is high on Hogan but won’t offer a 2nd rd. I have lots of depth at WR and Burkhead would be a solid upgrade on my current Flex which is Duke Johnson.

My WR’s are: AB,D. Thomas, Hogan, R Anderson, Josh Gordon, K. Cole, D. Jackson.

RB’s: Fournette, Howard, Duke Johnson, Aaron Jones, Donta Foreman, S. Michel, Kerryon, N.Hines


I’d pass. Burkhead has a knee tear. You already have Michel and you’re RBs are more than fine IMO. Duke is a fine flex to start and eventually, Jones/Michel might take over as starters. Also, not even sure I’d flex duke. You could just start both Hogan and DT.

Your WRs are much weaker and Hogan is going to probably be your WR2 for at least the beginning of the season. Don’t forget Hogan was the WR8 early last year before injury. When they don’t have Edelman, Brady loves hogan in the redzone. And he is their defacto WR1 and 2nd target after Gronk and their deep threat. I’d rather keep Hogan. Trading for Burkhead doesn’t help your roster.

Thanks for the help man!

it’s a double flex, so my current “starting roster” is

Rb Fournette
Rb Howard

WR Antonio Brown
WR Demerious Thomas

WR/RB/TE Hogan
WR/RB/TE Duke Johnson

Yeah I’m more than fine with that.

I’m a big believer in Kerryon and Michel. Also really like Aaron jones. You got some great upside RBs. No need to trade for Rex.

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