Trade: Hopkins for K Hunt (keeper value)

Alright so let me lay out our league settings and my Dilema. It’s a 2qb, 3wr,2rd,1te,1flex,k,Defence.

It’s a 10 team standard keeper league. We are allowed to keep 4 keepers in whatever round we draft them in the prior season. So I have been makings some trades lately and I just got offered Hopkins for Hunt. I feel like if I accept and I don’t have any injuries my team will be stacked but wanted to lay out the roster. On traded players that were drafted as keepers, if traded they keep their initial draft value. Hunt was a 3rd round keeper for me and Hopkins was a 3rd for him.

Ok so here is my roster.

Big Ben
R Fitz

Bell (2nd round keeper)
Sony Michel

A Brown (1st round keeper)
Keenan Allen
T Ginn Jr
K Cole
J Edelman


I’m wondering if making the trade will doom me since I’m loosing any RB depth(in a sense) till bell comes back.

Thoughts in this???

Wow, seems like a 0 RB draft if you do that trade lol.
I’d do it you have Conner and Bell and once bell returns you’ll still have Drake
But all season you’ll have 3 of the top 10 (if not top 5)

I would do it

True but don’t know if drake will step up? Also the keeper value seems pretty good

ANy other opinions would also be welcomed!!! This is a huge call

One more try before I send it through