Trade Howard and Burton/Njoku for Zeke?

Hey guys,

I’m currently 1st and 6-1 in my league, but thinking about making a play for Zeke. Here’s my current Team

QBs: Winston, Baker & Stafford
WRs: Antonio Brown, Tate & Boyd
RBs: Gurley, Kerryonn and Jordan Howard
TEs: Trey Burton, David Njoku

The guy in my league who has Zeke has Ricky Seals-Jones as his TE, so I’m thinking about packaging Howard with one of my tight ends to grab Zeke. Do you think I’m giving up too much, and which tight end should I look to get rid of?

Njoku seems to have a higher floor, but Burton was Andy’s rising star on today’s show. Burton also has gone through with his bye, while Njoku’s is coming up.


If you can swing that, take it and run.

I know right? I might also be able to do Howard for Dalvin Cook straight up. But I think the Zeke trade is better. Would you agree?

Like i said, if you can get Zeke for that lowball offer, i would take it and run.