Trade Howard for Wr

Although I am beat up at running back now I have decent depth for rest of season. I was going to try and trade for Diggs or B. Cooks as I think they are in line for some big games soon. Is Jordan Howard going to be enough to get Diggs or Cooks, I know he hasn’t been great, but is getting goal line work on a good offense. If he is enough which wr would you want more, and if he is not enough, what would you offer?

Qb: Winston and Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Howard, Mccoy, C. Thompson, D. Cook, J. RIchard
Wr: Antonio B, Hilton, C. Davis, J. Brown
Te: Njoku.

Other owner is very deep at wr with Diggs, Cooks, J. Gordon, Fuller, Boyd. Thanks for the help.

If you could pull off Boyd for Howard that would be pretty solid IMO. Does he ever play Boyd?

He is playing Boyd Diggs and cooks this week over Fuller and J. Gordon

You may be better off then to shoot for Gordon, whom I’d personally rather have than Boyd and may be a buy low candidate. Even if you have to give up Howard and another weakling piece, do it. He is poised to be a major factor down the stretch here. If our Gordon owner weren’t an anti-trader, i’d be after him myself.

So you would rather have him than Diggs or Cooks or you just don’t think I have the right pieces to attain Diggs or Cooks?

I don’t think Howard is going to attain either of those guys by himself. If you can pick up a really nice WR piece in Boyd or Gordon straight up for Howard though, thats a great trade for you. Shoot for the moon and work your way down to them, if you have to.

Approach it this way:

Say guy, we may be able to help each other here. You obviously need RB help just as I need WR help. Which of my RBs pique your interest. In other words, put the ball in his court to start with. It psychologically conditions him instantly to want to trade with you. He will start throwing out offers you dont want, act like you consider them, then counter. In the back of your mind you know the two or three trade options you’re willing to accept going in. Lead him there gently.

Btw when you counter, don’t just say something like “I will do Howard for Boyd”. Say how does Howard for Boyd look for you? How we word things and initiate the deal will always affect the outcome. And do all this in person if possible. Second best is over the phone. Don’t ever just send a trade offer out of left field.

Yeah those are all good tips. The art of the trade. Unfortunately I moved a few states away from everyone else in this league, but we are all old buds from high school. Most of our trades are done over text. Thanks for the advice.

Last bit of advice: if he is a tough negotiator and refuses to accept any of your 2 or 3 offers, kindly walk away. It’s the last hope and you’d be surprised how often it works. Deep down he wants to make one of your trades but want you to bend to his stipulations. When you walk away, you regain the power completely and most people will fall right in your lap. Just say he we tried, but this isn’t going to work. And walk away. It may take a day or two, but my bet is he will come back. Display no sense of urgency or desperation start to finish.

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This is very true. Even if you’re trying to make the trade for this week, be willing to accept a good trade may take longer and don’t force it. You’ll end up in a better position in the end.

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Yeah I have been working with this guy on a trade of rb for wr for multiple weeks already. It’s a long game. haha

Also helps that I am not desperate. Haha It’s not like I actually need a wr with antonio brown, Hilton, J. Brown, and C. Davis.