Trade: How'd I do, What's next

This is a non-PPR, 12-team (keeper) league with QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2 Flex

Trade: Give C. Carson & McLaurin receive J. Gordon and Z Ertz

QB: D. Watson
RB: Cook, Kerryon, Mack, Melvin, Gus Bus, Mattison
WR: Tyreek, J. Gordon, Marvin Jones, DK Metcalf
TE: Ertz

I’m wondering if I have any opportunity to upgrade Marvin or DK for the short-term or just stay put for now.

Luckily you’ve got some matchups you can play this week with DK and Jones at WR. Then you can hope to get Hill back next week. Moving Kerryon, Mack, or Gordon in a package for an upgrade at WR would be a good idea for later in the season