Trade: Hunt+AJ for Woods+Robby?

Just need some advice, whether this trade is a good idea or not…

Send: Woods + Anderson
Receive: Hunt + Green

More info: 10 team 0.5PPR

My team
Jacobs, Drake, Gibson, Kelley
Ridley, Woods, Allen, Anderson, D Johnson, Jeudy

His team
Kamara, Sanders, Carson, Hunt, Murray
Adams, Robinson, J Brown, Green (Sutton)
Gesicki, Fant

I think Hunt would be a great addition alongside Kelley and Gibson in the flex, plus I like Green to get better as Burrow gets better. He’s hurting at WR with Sutton gone and Adams hurting, and probably won’t miss Hunt with his triple threat at RB.

Would this be a good trade for both teams?

You sacrifice some WR depth, however you do receive Hunt who is operating at a high RB2/low RB1 right now. Green certainly is receiving volume, but hasnt produced.

Overall, I think this is a slight value favor for the other team due to you losing consistent fantasy production in Woods and the boom/bust value of Anderson for Hunt value and possible value of Green. Still a good trade based on your RB depth.

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Most of my league don’t trade unless they “win” the trade, so that could work.
He could counter Anderson with Dionte, which I wouldn’t mind as I just grabbed him off the waiver this week.
I owned Kupp last year so those Rams players make me a little nervous, but Woods is definitely valuable to have.
I’ll send it over to him and see what he says!

Yeah, that is the issue with the average fantasy player. They tend to judge players based on the previous week’s performance and over value their players, especially if you contact them for a trade.

My current issue in my league, it is like pulling teeth to trade with owners. One team owner would rather run with Ingram/McKinnon than give up CMC for Jacobs.

I’m having a very similar issue with an owner in my league as well. For the first time in my fantasy history i have TOO MANY viable RBs (Drake, Hunt, Robinson, Montgomery, Gaskin, and the lowly Michel) so i tried contacting the Barkley owner for a trade. Offered him a combination of every RB besides Drake with a reciever (Gage or Lazard) to try and get Mclaurin, TY Hilton, and even a PAIR of RBs for Kelce. He declined every trade and is rolling out Dion Lewis and Chase edmonds this week. Has no other RBs on his roster.

Unfortunately in that situation, all you can do is see if they drop 2 or 3 games in a row before they realize they need help. Team owners tend to get star struck by the big names and just can’t let go despite the infection to the rest of the team.

It is frustrating especially since you are trying to help another owner out in addition to your team. However, in the end them being stubborn helps you out (hopefully) if that team loses games because of their stubborness.

I think I’m going to be ghosted. The reply I got was “I’ll crunch some numbers”…

I’ve found with my league, if you show interest in players, or put guys on the trade block, they think you can be low balled.
Eg, I put drake on the block just to see, got offered Hilton, then Lamb, then Montgomery. I’d have a hard time accepting all 3 for Drake!
Then to another team I expressed interest in Dobbins and Marvin Jones. He offers them up in exchange for Kelce…
Both of these were this week lol