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Trade Hunt and Buck for Brady and Evans


10 team .5 PPR league. Someone offered me Brady and Evans for Hunt and Buck Allen. My current QB is Palmer and my running backs if I lose Hunt and Buck would still be Freeman, Gordon, Chris Carson, D Martin, and Smallwood. Should I do this deal?


If you’re hurting for a WR, I’d go for that in a heartbeat.


Sorry I should have listed those. My current WRs are Cooper, K Allen, D Parker, and Snead. Are those 4 good enough where I don’t need to worry about upgrading at WR and hold on to my 3 stud RBs Hunt, Freeman, and Gordon?


I feel like Evans is much more consistent than Cooper with just as high of an upside. I feel ya when it comes to giving up Hunt though, I would hate to do that. But if Brady keeps it up this year then that could be a huge upgrade for your team. Freeman, Gordon, and Martin could probably keep you up all season too.


It doesnt really seem like you are hurting in RBs so i think its a great move especially for Brady. I really like Evans and he ends up being a beast through the season. I would do this for sure.


I wouldn’t give up arguably one of the best running backs this year for a QB (even if it is Tom Brady) and a low end WR1. Hunt is a game changer, you can stream QB’s or deal Gordon or Freeman for a WR1 if you want to but I’m not giving up Hunt for that.