Trade hunt and diggs?

I play in a 10 team super flex standard league…i was offered Aaron Rodgers and Mike Evans for Kareem hunt and Stephon diggs…my other rbs are Mike gillislee…bilial Powell and ameer abdullah…only other recievers is Odell beckham…what do I do???

Keep Hunt. You can stream a QB if need be but Hunt will consistently bring up points and your RBs are already thin.

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Hell no. Don’t make that trade. You are getting robbed.

There is NO WAY anyone should trade Kareem Hunt. Keep him and laugh at your opponents each week.

I’m surprised by the responses a little…my other qb is winston and I thought it would be cool to pair him with Evans but it seems unanimous…thank you for the help

I have l. McCoy at rb too…dont know how I forgot that

I have McCoy in 2 league’s :frowning:

It being a super flex does change things, but you are talking about giving up the number 1 rb and wr for a top 5 qb and top 5 wr. I mean diggs and hunt by themselves have probably won you all 4 of your matches. T hats why it’s so unanimous.

RBS you shouldn’t trade are Hunt, Gurley, and Bell. And if anyone is telling you otherwise they’re wrong! Heard a guy say he’d trade Gurley for Mike Evans earlier and my point is WHY. Evans (something you’d likely be offered) is 20ppw at best. Gurley’s floor is like 20ppw.