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Trade Hunt before season starts?


Bonjour everyone!

I’m being actively pursued by a league mate who has his sights set on Hunt,

He was drafted before Ware went down as a mid season upside play. Now he has turned into a fantasy starter who because of the round he was drafted in, can also be kept for 2018.

I’ve been offered the following deals
TY for Hunt and Tate
Cam and DeVante Parker for Hunt

QB - Luck/Palmer
RB - Fournette/Elliot/Montgomery/Hunt/Coleman/Woodhead/Latavius Murray
WR - A Brown/Pryor/Tate/A Robinson/C Davis

I feel like I’m not getting enough for Hunt…am I blinded by the upside of his situation or should I capitalize on the fact he hasn’t played a game and is an unknown “potential” star. Who is fair trade targets for Hunt?


That’s not enough on either trade. TY for Hunt/Tate. Not sure if you’re playing PPR but Tate is a reception machine. No timeline for Luck to return, TY is mediocre without him.

Cam has thrown 2 passes this preseason so he’s a question mark. And we’re all hoping Cutty turns Parker into the number 1 WR there.

Both trades seem to be trading on upside value, stay with what you got.


First off, everyone on my team is for sale, always. That being said, it’s for the right price. So yes, I tell them to shove it and wait for a better offer, or i roll with my cheap feature back keeper.

For some reason though, people want hunt for cheap. I got him in my dynasty, and got offered the worst trade offers, BEFORE ware went down. Now im getting offers that are a little better, but are still trash. Long story short, keep him until a real offer comes yoyr way.



Appreciate the feedback. That’s exactly where my thought process was…Hilton has never really excited me and with Luck out…I don’t take on a feature receiver that I’d be trying to figure out when I should play him. I don’t think Cam will be anything close to what he was in 2015 and I’m more than happy streaming a QB until Luck is back. Parker has Jake the Snake throwing to him…enough said.



All offers have been rejected. I couldn’t agree more, right offer and I’m interested…I just can’t seem to get that message across for the offers coming my way. So I went on the offensive threw an offer for another team…Hyde and Green for Hunt and Tate.


That’s a much better trade. You may lose a little on the rb side but big upgrade with green


I think people are way too big on Hunt and way too cautious on Cam. I take the Cam/Parker trade.


Hunt is primed to be their main back, that alone carries immense value. I think Cam will have a better year than 16 but is that a big enough upgrade over Luck? It may not be an upgrade at all.

Hunt will be startable every week for some teams, just wait til they’re desperate enough.


Hunt is being valued in drafts over proven RB’s, though, who also have the starting gig in good situations. I get the Andy Reid arguments, I really do, but I’m not ready to start this guy week 1 against the Super Bowl champs. Later in the season, I might love Hunt, but right now, no.


To each their own, that’s the beauty of fantasy football. I jist believe you have to get on players before they hit big. Gives you that huge value. Because his only downside is exactly what you said. He isn’t a proven guy yet. And that does worry me. But hell, every player has their worries. The question you always have to ask yourself is, are they worth the worry? For me, hunt is. And i will gladly buy from people who are not sold on him yet. :slight_smile: