Trade Hunt for Aaron Jones?

Would you trade, Hunt and Goedert for AAron Jones? Keeper league full PPR

If that’s a trade you can make then I would definitely do it to get Jones

@bdp18 thanks. Might have to change it up a bit and put in a draft pick we will see. Originally he wanted Hopkins and Goedert for jones and a 2nd. Hopkins is a 3rd round keeper jones would be a 2nd, I feel like Hopkins in the 3rd is great value for next season to give up. What do you think?

Hopkins in the 3rd is great value I agree. Normally I would still rather have Jones and make that trade, but it looks like you need Hopkins otherwise you’re short on WRs

Im 3-5 right now so Im on the line of playing for next season draft position lol. If you knew you could do that trade and then trade Hunt or CEH for another WR, you would rather go into next year with CMC in the 1st and Jones in the 2nd then CMC and Hopkins in the 3rd? and pick whoever up in the second

Good question. I think I’d rather have CMC and Jones for my 1st and 2nd rounds. If you kept CMC and Hopkins in the 1st and 3rd, you’re probably looking at an RB who is worse than Jones in that 2nd round slot. So it depends on your draft strategy too. If you’d be looking to take another top 3 WR in the 2nd or Kelce, then maybe you want that 2nd rounder and keep Hopkins for that great 3rd round value. If you normally plan to go RB RB, then I would keep CMC and Jones. Obviously we are very far from the next draft season though