Trade Hunt?

I’m wanting to Trade Hunt and Theo for Saquon and Ekeler . is this a good trade ?? I’m dying at Rb With only Kamara as my number 1 RB

What’s wrong with Hunt? I mean you win that trade and I would reject it as the Barkley owner, but if it goes through you have done well for yourself. Ending up with Hunt as your other RB1 behind Kamara is also not a bad outcome though…

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Just seem to always fail with his productivity, Barkley is KEY to that offense, Hunt is just 1 of 4-5 weapons on that chiefs offense

I can’t see that trade happening. And even if he accepted it I dought you’re league Would allow it. And if they do congrats lol

Agree with @falcones404. I’d take the Barkley side. I’d also be content with Hunt as my #2 in the Chiefs offense. Yeah, Andy Reid seemed to forget about Hunt at times last year, but that hasn’t been the case so far this season. He’s carried a good workload and there’s nobody else they’ve relied on for goal line carries. Barkley catches it a lot more, but I think it definitely goes through if proposed in your league.

i have Hunt and Mahomes, should i trade hunt or stack the box with Mahomes and Hunt to get both Rushing and receiving yards from a high powered offense. what would you do if you were me i feel like he’s the type of player to bite you in the ass once you trade him

Don’t tell me you traded him cause I didn’t lol but I still loss to that Thieland and cousins connection