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Trade Hyde and edelman for Woods? Or shoot for Diggs?


Idk if asking for Diggs is too much with his back to back “bad” games would you settle with Woods?




Too much asking for Diggs or?


I would try for diggs just because of his targets. Woouds is fine though


I’m playing him this week… hold off on the trade… The deadline is next Tuesday or Wednesday


Getting both woods and diggs would be an epic trade. If you only get to pick one i would go for woods.


I’m just worried about Woods because the rams r doing so good and I’d be losing a player for the playoffs possibly due to being rested,


That is a good thing to look at right now. Maybe you shouldnte trade edelman or hyde at all, keep your bench stacked


Would u try getting Saquon instead? For Kamara and Edelman


I would see if the owner is interested in Saquon for kamara straight up


A few weeks ago he offered me Saquon for Gronk and Kamara so I feel he’s overvaluing Saquon more than Kamara,


Saquon is a stud, but so is kamara. so it really depends on preference. week 9 may be a good time for the straight up trade as saquon will be on bye… If you can afford to not have a rb in that week he may be interested then


I was thinking about that, but we have a 5 way tie for 1st and idk if I should risk it… and I’m playing against the Diggs owner this week so I don’t know if he will trade with me this week we were supposed to last week but he said he’d wait a week…