Trade Hyde?

Hyde has been playing well but any worry that with 9ers season all but over, they start looking at what else the have and breida starts stealing more snaps? I still have bell and shady at RB so i was thinking to maybe trade for a QB like stafford or something?

I’m a Hyde owner, and I am definitely trying to sell him right now. I think you’re prediction is spot on. The 49ers are not going to the playoffs, and they know that. Hyde’s contract is over this year, his health is unpredictable, and they drafted Brieda. As a Hyde owner, we are happy that hes still healthy. I mean his production (standard scoring) is not jaw dropping, and he scored only 4 touchdowns (2 games) all season. Not to mention his playoff schedule is tough and he still has a Bye week.

With all of that said, I think it is a perfect time to sell him. Although you have 2 solid RBs I would try to get a RB or a WR for Hyde.

I also own Stafford, and even though his last 2 games were solid and hes playing the Browns at Home in week 10, he just doesn’t generate points in fantasy compared to what he does on the field. I own Tyrod Taylor also and hes solid. Hes probably available in your league and his playoff schedule is nice. All Im saying is you can probably get more value out of Hyde.