Trade idea? 6 player trade idea

My team (10 team standard) as of now looks like:
Starters: Rivers, DJ, Howard, M Thomas, Thielen, Walker, Marshawn, streaming defense and kicker

Bench: Demariyus, Goodwin, Cole, Crowder, M Williams, Kerryon Johnson, and Clement

If I was to offer someone in my league Thielen, Lynch, and Walker for D Freeman, Burton, and Tyreek Hill… would I be underpaying, overpaying, or be making a lateral move?

Not sure if it’s something the guy would even do or if it’d be smart for me to do, just looking at other teams in the league and seeing if/how I could further enhance my roster. Was curious what others thought of a deal along these lines.

Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you!

It’s a really interesting trade with no obvious or sure winners or losers.

Thielen and Tyreek are close
Lynch < Devonta
Delanie > Burton (but we all know that many people expect burton to thrive)

I think the Tyreek / Devonta / Burton side is the more desirable side, but not by much.

And I don’t think the owner of the Tyreek end of this trade would be willing to make the trade you’re proposing, not because it isn’t a fair offer, but because right now, people who own Tyreek are really psyched about owning him. When you couple that with the fact that Devonta is a solid second rounder and Marshawn isn’t, and that people are forecasting big things for Burton, then it becomes hard to justify parting with those guys for a perceived downgrade at wideout and a higher floor at TE.

I have a feeling others will weigh in with different thoughts than mine, so don’t take what I’m saying as the end all, especially if it doesn’t sit well with you.

VERY provocative trade, though…good luck!


If you really felt the need to move all of those pieces, I feel like ultimately you would come out on the better end of that trade simply because I value Freeman quite a bit higher than Lynch. But I’m not a big fan of making giant trades like that, especially before the season even starts.


People are still sleeping on Mahomes and Hill combo. It’s unfortunate. Mahomes and Hill bout to break the record book. He shoulda been overvalues as shoulda been tarik cohen this season.

Marshawn lynch’s legacy is now, great finish to last season after coming from retirement. Gruden and him are in sync, there’s no threat in LA.

Freeman is great talent, as is the rest of them falcons, probs is their off coordinator who they brought back. Yuck

jus some high analysis

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