Trade idea Gibson, Allen for williams, gage and mooney

Hey, I’m new to the dynasty game but know I’m not near a championship team this year. I was thinking of offering Gibson and Keenan Allen for jevonte williams, Mooney and gage. It’s a 1 an league. Do you think this is fair and do you think I should make the offer? Thanks!

I think it’s fair, but with the current situations of the players I wouldn’t make that offer. If you want to get your team closer to win now, trade for WRs with TD upside and GREAT QBs. Suggestions like Sutton in Denver just improved, Hollywood Brown in AZ, people you think could score double-digit TDs. And a RB that will get at least 150 touches and 6+ TDs. You miiiigght hang on to Keenan 1-2 more years while Herbert is steadily progressing. They had some nice plays last season and look to only be improving as a team.

I’m a Mooney fan, but his situation is terrible this year. Worse than when Allen Robinson was there. And Williams didn’t increase his workload if Gordon stays. They like Gordon a lot and he’s consistent for them. I WOULD trade Gibson though. Don’t want Comanders in your Dynasty roster right now. Wentz is a shell of what he was.