Trade Idea (Keenan)

PPR League
The guy I’m looking to trade with has two strong RBs (Gurley and Hyde). Also has Doug Martin.
He has Hilton and Keenan and is lacking a Flex.

I want to improve at my WR 2 and get another RB with Daren Sproles going down.

Is Demaryius, and Martavis for Keenan fair or what?

Also I’d like to acquire Martin as my RBs are Hunt, Anderson and McCaffrey.

Try this: Anderson and one of the WRs, whichever you like least for Allen and Martin. I think that would be a very good trade. Anderson is a big time sell for me. Martin is a a buy, and Allen remains one of the most underrated WRs in the league, imo.

Hmm Anderson and a WR for Keenan and Martin.

That would be a pick between Demaryius, D Parker and M Bryant. (Mike Thomas is my WR1)

I would rather give up Bryant, but I don’t think he will do it unless I give up Thomas.

That would be a tough call for me. I’m not as high on Thomas as most, and do think Martin is an upgrade over Anderson long term, but I think Thomas’ trade value is still quite high and he’s definitely a good WR. Love Allen. Bryant and Anderson I’d definitely so. Thomas and Anderson could go either way.

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Yea I’d agree. I’ll see what I can get with him. It really depends on the person.