Trade Ideas and Value equals?

Hey all,

My overall team isn’t bad, but also isn’t great. I have a lot of solid people but not higher consistent players. I’m in a 10 team Full PPR league. I’m want to trade off some guys to give me a stronger WR or RB to help increase the potential of my team. We play 1 QB, 2RB, 2 WR, Flex, TE, Def and K.

Current Lineup:

QB: Winston
WR: Thielen, Tate
TE: Current Cook, trying to add Hooper off waiver
Flex: Michel
Def: Miami (been streaming Def based off matchups)
K: Vinatieri

QB: Dalton
RB: Breida, K. Johnson, C. Clement
WR: Ridley, Allison, Coutee

My first thoughts are packaging Tate, Ridley and/or Breida to upgrade my WR position.
Package Michel with Breida, Ridley to upgrade my RB position.

I’m having a hard time gauging who I should target and not overextending myself where it may hurt my depth for bye weeks or injuries.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for your insights!

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