Trade ideas for The Gas Man

I have 4 capable Rbs in Elliott, Patterson, Mitchell, and Gaskin. Want to trade Gaskin for a WR. What do you think some WR candidates are.

Hopkins, Pittman, Waddle, Cooper?

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I figured it out but first names make it quicker to understand the players invloved. I come from a dynasty background so I initially thought “Jarret Patterson. Capable?” Quickly realized you meant Cordarrelle.

It’s quite difficult to recommend a random trade target without knowing your league. If I mention a specific player like Keenan Allen and he’s on the number 1 team there is almost zero chance they are available.

A better strategy is to the further explore the league looking for points of weakness on good teams or good players on bad teams and make an offer. In your case a team that is strong at WR and weaker at RB woud be a good candidate. Alternatively, target teams who just endured RB injuries - Dalvin Cook, D’Andre Swift, Christian Mccaffrey, Ezekiel Elliot, Darrell Henderson, Miles Sanders, Michael Carter, Chris Carson, etc.