Trade im considering?

Here is the trade in question:

Give Devonta Freeman and Jay Ajayi

Receive Kennan Allen and Melvin Gordon.

I feel like this trade is defiantly in my favor? My other RB’s are Jacobs,Coleman and Pollard/Zeke.

Is this real life? like this isn’t from 2018?

Jay ajayi isn’t even in the league right now?

Hit accept before they realize how dumb they are

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if its dynasty, thats an instant yes. if its not, it would be roster basted for me. if you need a WR and are stocked at RB kind of thing. even then, still probably doing it.

With all news about Miller going down i picked up Jay off of waivers for free and was instantly given a trade offer for him and Freeman.

WR’s are ok. Number 1 is Edelaman and 2 is Robby Anderson or DD Westbrook.

even if they do pick up ajayi to replace millar, there’s no guarentee he’ll be any good. He’s a FA for a reason, and is injury prone. Melvin Gordon can hold out 8 weeks and still come back and be a stud, and if he doesn’t play this year you still got a WR1 for a RB2 (at best most likely)

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I would do the trade.