Trade in dynasty - AE

Would you trade a first round pick for this year pick 5 overall straight up for Austin Ekeler? Just took over a team and not exactly sure

in a vacuum, pretty fair value … for a more colored response it would be good to know your roster.

This is what I have to work with.

Trade Bell for DJ Chark or Sutton and then trade the 5th for Ekeler.

Neither of them have a good qb right now. What are your thoughts on AJ Brown if I can swing it

Agreed, your 1st focus should be on your WR depth. Keenan all alone in top 20 and who knows w Tyrod if he will be close to his normal productivity. Maybe an Alshon + 1.15 for Tyler Boyd / Alshon + 1.05 for Golliday or Kupp? AJ Green + 1.05 for JuJu or Evans?

I think you pass on Ekeler given your relative RB strength (Bell, Drake, Mack and Guice) and existing exposure to unknown Chargers offense.

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I’d use that pick for a WR. You need more help there.

Chark proved great while playing with the mustache. And Sutton seems pretty QB-proof. Played fine with Lock. Those are my two main targets, and maybe you can even get more with trading Bell.

You can go for Brown, but he’s going to be extremely pricey Bell + heavy draft capital probably given his rookie year.