Trade in dynasty

trade away Juju and a 2nd round pick next season for Gallup and Kerryon Johnson?

You’re giving up too much imo. I don’t even think I’d do it without a pick involved. As of right now, JJSS has more value than the other 2 combined

There is a lot of unknown with this trade. I guess it depends how you are at RB.

I have Rex berkhead and Jamall Williams. no other potential starters


Understand you need RBs but you can get better than that for JuJu. You could probably go and get one of the other top RBs not named Barkley and then some.

You’re basically giving up JuJu for a late 1st and an early 2nd rounder rookie draft. That is absurd. Especially given how much hype there is around Juju and the fact that he is still only 20 years old. You should be able to go out there and get a much bigger payday than that.

Hmm. No other Rbs? Than I would probably go and make the trade. Probably the cheapest you will get for Kerryon. Especially if he does well this year.

I would not trade a known tallent like Juju for an unknown producer like Kerryon.

Right now in July dynasty ADP Juju is the 14th WR off the board. Gallup is the 43rd and KJ is the 25th RB.

I would not make that trade. But open to trading Juju for market value.

I wouldn’t make this trade for many of same reason as others. would not give up more than Juju in the trade. 2 unknown rookies vs a clear cut #2 with an aging, albeit still great #1 option. Even if Juju regresses this year his up side is probably still higher than Gallop.

kerryon could be just another auburn RB who’s OK in NFL and/or next Lions RB to never hit 100 yards in a game

Too early to pull this from JuJu owners aspect. We would be waiting for some pre-season action w/both rookies before considering this trade.

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I absolutely love kerryon johnson but honestly if your going to make this trade no way a pick should be involved. I think juju holds enough value to get kerryon and another piece straight up.

Decline that trade Bro!