Trade info

Guy needs a qb in a dynasty league. I was going to offer Penny and his 2019 3rd round pick for my Stafford.
Good or bad?

Is this 1QB, 2QB or superflex?

1 qb league. I would still have Jimmy G and Rosen and a some what reliable flacco

In a 1 QB league, receiving Penny and a 2019 3rd is a pretty good return for Stafford. I would not hesitate to offer that trade. However, I’m not confident it will be accepted.

As a side note, I think this is the last year for Flacco. I would not include him in your plans going forward.

Trading Stafford significantly weakens your QB depth. I would strategize what you could do week 2-3 if Jimmy G is a mirage, Rosen is on riding the pine, and Flacco is benched for L Jackson. Don’t feel like you need to do anything now, but I find it helps to plan for the uh-oh moments. Could be as easy as keeping a 2nd or 3rd earmarked as trade capital.