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Trade Ingram or Kamara?


I am in a standard non ppr league. I own Brees, Ingram, and Kamara and would like to get to where all my eggs aren’t in one basket so to speak. Who would you trade out of Ingram and Kamara / and what kind of value (another RB) should I pursue?


Trade kamara… Target Melvin, fornette, hunt


Don’t think I’d get any of those guys straight up (do you?). I’m thinking maybe Howard? What would you think about that trade?


All depends… Maybe the hunt owner has no good RBs and needs a win this week…

But prob not… But you never know…

Yes Howard would be a good target


Hunt owner thinks all his players are gold. Never seen him accept a trade or propose one that wasn’t ridiculous. LOL.

I think I’ll target Howard. Thanks for your input.


@Yorel23 lol must be a hunt owner curse… The guy in my league is the same way… His WR are crab but won’t ever trade…

Goodluck sir… Hope it works out.


I wouldn’t trade Kamara. He’s looking very very good and possibly the #1 RB in New Orleans. He’s already one of the biggest receiving threats in the system. I’d trade Ingram cause the has more name value and imo Kamara is the better option.


In a PPR league I’d definitely be holding on to Kamara. In standard scoring I think it’s almost a toss up. Kamara has the higher ceiling/lower floor where Ingram has the lower ceiling/higher floor. So far all my trade offers have been rejected (our league is not much for trades), so I might just ride it out with my bunch of Saints…