Trade Input: Giving - Blount & Cooks for McCoy

I’m in a standard scoring league with the following WRs and RBs. Trying to upgrade my RB corp, what are your thoughts?

WR- AB, Cooks, Baldwin, E Sanders, Maclin, Corey Davis

RB- Howard, Blount, Crowell, Rawls, McFadden, Forte

I doubt the McCoy owner would take that offer but try it. I would drop Forte for Breida if he’s available in hopes SF trades Hyde soon or he gets hurt as usual.

I would shy away from shady. As the WR-corps in buffalo has become rather depleted, they are going to make shady even more of a workhorse. Which may sound like a good thing, but he is injury prone, and he could be totally stuffed by defenses who do not have to worry much about a passing game. I traded shady away for that reason and got Michael Thomas and Devin Funches in return. I am in a PPR scoring league though so that decision was much easier for me to make. I would target maybe McKinnon or a New Orleans RB? Hope this helps!

Yeah, unfortunately Breida has already been snatched up. The McCoy owner actually offered me this trade because he’s hurting for WRs. My problem is not many other owners have depth enough at RB to entertain WR for RB trades. He also has Ajayi and Fournette but Ajayi scares me and he’s very high on Fournette.

It all depends on the other teams in your league, but I would consider moving both Cooks and Baldwin for a high end RB to pair with Howard. They are both sexy names, but they are both boom or bust at the end of the day. In a standard scoring league that you have AB in, I would value a high floor RB1 more than both of those guys combined. See if anyone either desparate for WR help or desparate to shake up their team has a high floor RB like this to target. It all depends, but I think you could shoot higher than LeSean if youre looking for one player return. Try and go for a Freeman, Fournette, even Hunt. Hopefully the stars align, but if you can get Lesean in a deal like this take the upper hand and get him to tack on more value. As someone said, Lesean gets the volume but the one-dimensional offense and injury history is concerning.