Trade input please!

Standard scoring 10 team league, was just offered this trade: Davante Adams and Ty Montgomery for Jay Ajayi… Need a strong flex play for weeks 9&10 to deal with the byes of Lev Bell and Kareem Hunt. These are bench pieces to me, but I am intrigued on Ajayi as a buy low candidate. Any input? Giving Too much? This was requested so I can counter.

Don’t want to touch my starters as they are great but my bench looks like this: D. Adams, Ty Mont, Gilly(dropping), McFadden, ASJ, Vikings D, Tyrod.

Starters are:
Bell, Hunt, Shady McCoy
Julio, Mike Evans
Jimmy Graham
Jags D
Matt Bryant

Only byes left are Wentz bell and Hunt so I need a strong flex play for weeks 9&10. Right now I’m 5-3 tied for 1st in my division, is Ajayi worth trading for or is his ROS as bad as his first half? Lol thank you for any input!!

Bump up for input! :pray:t3:

Adams is intriguing and since you don’t need Ajay it’s definitely doable for you.

It’s risky though cause of Hudley.

I would be trading Adams and Ty mont to the Ajayi owner… sorry if my post didn’t show that, I know it was a lot of info jumbled in their lol

Ajay can ball for sure but the question is can he give you more points than someone on your bench.

I think Adams and Jordy will come around. They are too good to let a bad QB completely trash their stats

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