Trade input - yes or nahhh?

Lynch for Conner/A Jones?

I’d be getting Conner/Jones…

Other RBs:

Conner has an expiration date (most likely) and Jones has not taken over yet. I would hold with Lynch personally.


I agree with @ChristopherMD20


I prefer Conner Jones here. While Lynch has been solid, do any of us think he can keep this up for 16 weeks at age 32? You get at least 2 more weeks of Conner. By then Jones could/should be the top back in GB. And there is still the chance Bell comes back early just to increase the ability for Pit to trade him. If I had Lynch, this is exactly the type of deal I’d be trying to make.


James Conner has week 5 and week 6 to prove himself on a hungry Steelers team, that high over under for the Steelers Atlanta matchup I would love to use Conner and the Atlanta defense is struggling. Pull the trigger.

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The bigger kicker here is that it’s a keeper league, and I could keep Conner next year for next to nothing.

Also - 12 team .5ppr


Keeper league and get Conner and A Jones for Lynch? Yeah… have to jump on that


You definitely do it now. Knowing it’s a keeper league. How many keepers? If its 2 then you are set bud

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Haha!! - 2 keepers… $200 budget with $5 tax on keepers… I’ve got Mahomes ($4) so he’d be $9 next year… Conner ($1) would be $6