Trade Insight Much Needed (Thanks!)

Need to swap a WR for a RB (Half PPR)
WRs: MT, Evans, Juju, Edelman, Chark, Sutton
RBs: Gurley, Kerryon, M. Sanders, R. Freeman

Best prospect right now is Sutton for Ekeler, but also looking at a higher-caliber trade such as Evans for Bell.

Sony owner is willing to part with him, so could possibly go Sutton for Sony instead. It is dynasty-hybrid (keep 10) so that does matter a touch, but I’m looking to win the championship so whatever makes my team better this year… thanks for the help!

Any thoughts?

I like Sutton so far although I would prefer Sony Michel. I think I would check Chark value too. But I would be fine with Sutton for Michel as I think he is on verge of putting up strong performances.

Thanks for the insight. Right now options are Juju for Mack, or I think I can get Sony for Sutton. Only thing holding me back is that I have Edelman so I’m not sure if I want Sony because of that (I want to great lengths to trade Woods for Edelman earlier in the season because I had Gurley haha). Do you have a preference between those two options right now?

I also just bought Chark for a 2020 4th round pick (lol) so I could maybe float him out there for Mack or someone similar?