Trade involving D. Foreman

I am in a Dynasty league. 12man. Half ppr. 40 players roster.

I have Rodgers, Trubisky and Jameis as my back ups QB

I have CMC and Fournette as my rb starters

And James White and Lamar as one of my 4th flex spot

My only good back up RB is Hyde…

I am trying to buy D’onta Foreman to back up Lamar… But the owner is a tough dude and i think he ask me way too much for him… Trubisky and my first 2022 draft pick ( my 2020 and 2021 1st ans 2nd are already gone…)

Please need help !!!


To start off, I would not be looking to buy Foreman. No nfl runningback has ever returned to decent form following an achilles injury. Foreman has shown no indication that he will be the first. He is essentially off my draft board entirely.

But if I was looking to buy him, I don’t think I’d give up Trubisky alone, and certainly not a 1st rounder regardless of how many years away it is. I’d probably give up a third round pick and that’s about it.

THX for your reply !

I wouldn’t bother. With the trade he made to get Foreman he clearly has a valuation of him that no one else agrees with.