Trade involving my Gordon and his Hunt?

Received a trade offer (PPR): his Hunt and Sanders for my Gordon and Smith-Shuster. I turned it down (IMO Gordon better than Hunt, JuJu better than Sanders). But was wondering… would a different version of that trade be reasonable… say, my Gordon and Lockett for his Hunt and Sanders?

That’s better… I’d still rather have Gordon and Shuster

Hunt is better then Gordon sorry, But JUJU to me is better then Sanders , I’d still keep Gordon and Sanders but Hunt and Sanders would be winning weeks

Gordon is the better back I believe personally, a lot of mouths to feed in Kansas City… and Juju forsure is better !!! You made the right call my friend!!! Go win your league !!! I got Gordon that’s why I’m bias a little and I’m 6-1 LOLOL

Is no one worried about Gordon’s hammy?