Trade - is this really worth it?

Receive Kerryon Johnson

Receive Joe Mixon

Receive DK Metcalf

Send Nick Chubb

  • My other starting RBs are Conner and Carson. I have edelman and theilen at reciever, and Prescott/Wilson as QBs (standard league 1 QB).

Yes I would do this

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After you make this move I would try to trade one of your QB’s with at least one of your RB’s since you have good depth for a better WR since Edelman and Theilen haven’t been quite as good as years past.

you are receiving massive value for nick chubb. GO for it.

Just trying to think going forward who I would trade away after and for whom. Could be a headache because at least with Chubb I have a clear RB1. Then the issue is which of Kerryon, Mixon, Conner and Carson do I want to hold onto.

Would it be worth trading for an elite WR, or a truly elite RB like Kamara or Cook… ?

I’m very hesitant over trades lol

I would go for an elite WR. Edelman and Theilen are both fine, but neither is a WR1 to me, not this year at least. You can probably pair one of your RB’s and one of those guys for a WR1.