Trade issue

I traded Ridley for jacobs, smith and waddle. Currently 1-3. Decent or mistake? Also needed a little rb depth

Depends on your full roster, but this feels like a mistake to me. Sorry chief

I was just curious.
I mean he’s going to be not playing at least the next 2 weeks and hasn’t produced yet. I’m sure he’ll have some good games but really who knows lol. Even with gage out he hasn’t done anything.

Yeah, I just avoid trading in a 1-for-2 or 1-for-3 like the plague. That’s just me though. I think you could’ve gotten more valuable pieces for him personally

Unless you were desperate for an RB than yeah i’d so you lost that deal pretty hard.

Even if he hasn’t produced much yet he’s still insanely talented and the targets are there. Come playoff time you may come to regret it.