Trade J. Brown for Jordy

Would you trade John Brown and Alfred Morris for Jordy Nelson and Derrick Henry. 1/2 ppr. Current team:

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Howard, Cook, C. Thompson, Mccoy, Morris
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, C. Davis, J. Brown, T. Taylor
TE: Njoku

I definitely wouldn’t.

hell no, hilton is out this week. J. brown is a starter in this line up for me

Yeah I get what both of you are saying, but would be interested in a little bit more of your reasoning and thoughts behind. Brown has been good, but Jordy has 8 targets in back to back weeks, and Henry is getting a lot more work than Morris. I would be buying low on both.

henry has been so inefficient so far… i would definitely not trade for him in any league. Jordy had 8 targets sunday in a game where Carr threw the ball like 60 times, and the game went to overtime. I dont see this happening many time during the season. I mean, jordy is a boom or bust guy every week and, John Brown is at least a top 20 WR in fantasy right now. If you really want to trade john brown and alf, you can get way better value then jordy and henry…

Unless dion gets hurt, Henry won’t be good. Plus as good as they played in philly, that offense as a whole isn’t really great for fantasy, there will be good days like Sunday but not consistently. If you could get Alf for him straight up I’d maybe take the shot, but Brown I like more than jordy have since preseason. I don’t trust raiders offense one bit. Each week it features basically one, and likely won’t be in shootouts like vs Cleveland often.

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Henry at this point, is droppable in most leagues.

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