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Trade j. Howard for luck, Hopkins, and r. Kelley?


Should I trade j Howard for luck Hopkins and r.kelley. Have bell, hunt, gore, but weak in WRs and qb. Wr - Alshon and d. Adams


I would not do that deal. Luck is a injured. Once he comes back, his offensive line is worse this year because they lost their center. Hopkins is very good but his QB situation has not improved much this year. Kelly’s carries may be limited due to Washington being A pass first operation with Reed and Pryor.


I don’t believe in Howard one bit… So I would run with this trade but if you believe in him then no… As your giving up a RB1 for injuried or upside players.


If you insist on upgrading WR, maybe find the Michael Thomas owner and see if they’d want Howard for him.


lol why is that?


I believe he will be a viable flex or low end RB 2 option… But not RB1 like he is drafted…

I feel the bears will be down alot and will have to throw instead of run it.


I drive the Howard hate train (I don’t actually hate him, just think he’s waaaayyy over drafted), but this is not nearly enough. In general, I wouldn’t trade a second round pick for risky players and spare parts.


Thanks for all the feedback! Much appreciated.


like they were last year?


I would not go through with this trade. Howard may not be the best but he is going to get volume and QBs are replaceable and Hopkins isn’t overrated, but he won’t do great because of his QB situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alshon finishes above him at the end of the season