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Trade J.Reed?


I had drafted Reed and It has been disappointing, I got O.J. Howard off of waivers when he was injured. If you are willing to trade Reed, What would you be asking for?


In a Half PPR League


Honestly it’s tough to ask for much, does anyone in your league have a dire TE situation? As you have Howard i would really settle for any RB/WR compensation for Reed at this point. If there is no one to grab from waivers i’d hold him but if he has another dud week i’d cut him and move on as you don’t need two TEs with Howard on the roster. If he has a big week just go all out to sell high for whatever you can get to a TE needy team.


There’s only one I see that is in dire, but everyone on his roster seems like I will be asking for a lot LOL. I will probably wait to see if he blows up. Thanks James89.


I also have Reed and just got Howard too. In my league I may have to cut him, but I’m waiting another week at least. I listen to a sports show from the DC area and I can tell you that there are a lot of people clamoring for Reed to be more involved in the offense and even Jay Gruden has said he wants to. This week Gruden said they may have to run more plays where Reed is the first read for Smith. There’s at least some hope.