Trade J. Robinson + Parker for Adams

Would this be a fair offer, team with Adams is 1-3 with average RBs?
Team currently - Start 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex
RBs CEH, Mixon, Robinson, Mostert, Kelley, L. Murray
WRs Thielen, ARob, Chark, Parker, Jeffery

I’m the Adams owner, and I wouldn’t take that for Adams. I think either your RB or WR needs to be one our your top 2 guys. ie ARob and Robinson

With the way things are going this season, you might be better off sticking with who you have. You have a lot of depth and I think that’s going to be super important this season. I think you’d have to give up a lot of that depth to get a guy that will be great, but will likely only get you about 5 more points per week on average. You already have a great WR group and you only need to start 2 of them most weeks, as your RB’s are good enough to fill both RB spots and both Flexes. If you make this trade and then have a major injury or two, you lose that depth and now you’re scoring less points per week than you were before the trade.

Fair enough good point here. I was expecting something like that as the comeback point. Thanks