TRADE: J. Stewart for R. Cobb?

1/2 PPR

I am thinking of offering Stewart for Cobb. Stewart just sits on my bench and I think Cobb will come back to relevance in the near future, what do you all think? Is it a fair trade, am I trade raping myself, or the other way?

Hard to say without seeing your RB/WR situation. I think with the Panthers offense starting to find its stride, they may see themselves up in games moving forward which would result in more carries for Stew. McCaffrey is pretty exclusively the pass catching back. Cobb is on an offense with so many mouths to feed for the big plays. His floor is fairly safe with the short passes he catches, and he’ll get the occasional TD but it really depends on the makeup of your team.

This is what my team looks like.


Personally, I don’t think he will accept this trade. Depends on your WR/RB situation. But if you can get it done and it makes sense for your team I like it.

This is what my team looks like to help get better advice. :neutral_face:

Tough to say. After this week you won’t have to worry about byes for your RBs. The only hesitation I have is ZEKE’s suspension. Even still, I think you would probably start Frank Gore over Stewart.