Trade Jackson & Freeman for Fournette & Rivers

Give: Lamar Jackson and Davonta Freeman
Get: Fournetter and P. Rivers

Wrinkle: Keeper League, so I’d be able to have Fournette for multiple years. I’m leaning toward yes.

A few thoughts here,:

  1. I really don’t count Rivers for much of anything in this trade. The Chargers have been inconsistent this year, and in a keeper league you need to consider his age. Meanwhile you are giving up a stud (Lamar) who is also young and should have a bright career ahead of him for seasons to come.

  2. Getting Fournette is tasty, but because of #1 above, you are really doing a 2-for-1 here. The Falcons are a mess, but Devonta should have better years ahead.

All in all, I’m just not sure it’s worth giving up Lamar Jackson. After each passing week he is looking increasingly legit from both an NFL and Fantasy standpoint. Baltimore seems to have their crap together and I think they will make sure he has the support he needs. Jackson is what, QB 2 on the year? I’m having a hard time giving that up for the #23 RB.